Trust, energy and passion when you speak

How to control your voice and speak like a pro

no public speaking experience needed

Control Your Voice

I would like you to know diction problems can be corrected and any voice can be improved.


This course will help you get public speaking and one on one skills with effortless grace. A man who speaks well attracts other people. And they, the people, come with resources and opportunities.


Patiently browse through all the videos and audio you see on the platform. Do the exercises with me and work as much as you can. You will enjoy this course, I am positive 😊.


6 sections, 17 lectures, 1h 0m 


The course is for:

Non-native English speakers who aim to convey strength, energy and passion when they speak.

About the instructor

Control Your Voice Course

Hello there! My name is Andrei and people call me “The Voice Sculptor”. I am a former radio and TV presenter who has been delivering voice and diction classes for over 15 years.

My vision is a community of people who convey trust, energy, passion, but also sympathy when they speak. Through their voice I aim to bring forward the leaders of tomorrow.

More about myself:

• Author of the first online learning platform in Romania, which provides vocal training exercises for speakers, managers, sales persons, employees, etc

• 560 hours of one to one coaching in paraverbal communication: diction, voice and breathing

• 200 offline, interactive, practical, step-by-step trainings in voice, diction and oratory, organised in various cities, including Cluj-Napoca, Turda, Bucharest, Ploiesti, Suceava, Iasi, Targu Mures, Brasov, Sibiu and Constanța

• Founder of the first Romanian Voice, Diction and Oratory Community, a web platform designed to help alumni stay connected with each other and to offer ongoing expertise in the speaking area.


What is the structure of the course?



Voice Shaping



Resonance & Vocal Register


This course will help you:

📌 Remove your inhibitions when you speak

📌 Help you become a better speaker by having a colourful voice

📌 Communicate simply without being dull or tiring.

Dictie Adulti

This is how we will work


Knowing your voice means CONTROLLING your voice

Patiently browse through all the video and audio you see on the platform.

Do the exercises with me and work as hard as you can. You will notice that some video exercises overlap with audio ones.

I chose to double some of them in audio version, so that you can work even when you are not sitting in front of the computer, but on the road, driving or just walking around the house.

Listen to your voice as much as you can. Knowing your voice means controlling your voice.

You WILL have homework
Twelve tasks are waiting for you, which I will ask you to complete one at a time, in the order in which you find them there. Each homework will be recorded on your mobile phone or other electronic device. 

You might actually enjoy this course during which you will encounter side effects like:

  • Better speech clarity
  • Better control over the message AND
  • Laughter

What this course is NOT

This diction course is not:


  • 🙅 A public speaking course The knowledge you gain is transferable to meetings, interviews or online conferences. It is true, though, that the skills you gain here can make a huge difference when speaking in front of an audience.
  • 🙅A singing or theatre course
    Yes, we will use singing techniques which will help you improve your voice, but this won’t have singing in mind.


    We will work on intonation, but you won’t be preparing for plays.

    Basically, we will resort to music and theatre in our work, but just so that you understand and feel your voice better when you speak.

Atelier de Dictie

Recommended by

Monica Ion

Highly Expensive Services Sales Expert

Gabriel Cichi

Master Voiceover

Irina Gașpar

TV Shows editor

Călin Biriș

Trainer & Coach

Zoltán Veres

Speaker, Trainer & Coach at REFLEQT

What others are saying

Here are some comments from people who attended other workshops and courses I organised 🙂


Bogdan Deleanu il recomanda pe Andrei Tiganas

I recommend Andrei to everyone who needs a bit of courage to speak, in public or private, who wants to find a voice, a rhythm and a style, but who also wants to finally pronounce difficult words.

Laura Chiriac il recomanda pe Andrei Tiganas

It’s great to work with a professional! He gives you the confidence that you can always become better and the only obstacle is yourself! Thank you, Andrei! I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Luisa Florea il recomanda pe Andrei Tiganas

Dedication, profesionalism and a healthy dose of humour. It was a real pleasure to work with Andrei Țigănaș. 

Thank you, Andrei, for everything I learned in this workshop. I had my first plenary presentation to which 150 people participated. I was firstly congratulated for my diction. Your recommendations have been extremely important.

Your investment

How to control your voice and speak like a pro



  • Diction course
  • Audio and text exercises, explainer videos, all grouped in six sections and a platform you can access any time of the day or night.

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